The Federation Quarterly Journal, The Lambert, seeks for authors of both nonfiction and fiction; authors of articles related to crucial social, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and political matters. We request for writers who are able to combine highly substantive content, giving insight and solidity whilst providing evidence regarding essential writing skills. Our writers have so far provided readers with short stories reportages, essays, analysis  and interviews. However, we’re always open for new initiatives and ideas that could potentially feature in The Lambert. 


We live in a digital age. Given the times of a global pandemic that left us stranded at home, virtuality has become more omnipresent. During a crisis where physical contact is strictly avoided and puts many lives in danger, the only access through which we could socially interact, communicate and continue with the nature of seeing people is through a virtual screen. 


We want to devote the eighth issue to all topics revolving around 'Virtual Realities.' This issue will present you with topics that allow you to delve beyond the screen and grasp insight into deeper understandings of what shapes and influences our lives today. 

Potential topics:

- E-learning - the future of education, teaching and student life 

- No internet connection. Learning to embrace the reality 

- Influencers. A privilege or responsibility

- Social media and social movements [TAKEN]

- When algorithms shape reality, what can we expect?

- Attention wars and multitasking. How the digital age is affecting us

- Internet in the name of globalisation or a local tool?

- Every step you take. Hypervisibility and digital surveillance

- The invisible workforce behind your apps. On platformisation and platform labour

- Once you’re done with your tech. Trash, debris and materiality of the immaterial products

- Journalism then vs now. The struggles we face 

- Should we be worried about the AI? [TAKEN]

- From COVID-19 to a new era of the digital age

Standards of Credibility

As one of our major values is credibility, we pay particular attention to the verification of facts and statements presented in the published work.


The reliability requirements are not derived from questioning our contributors’ knowledge. Although we truly believe they have worked hard on their texts, our actions concerning substantive consultations and fact-check are undertaken because of our care of the Journal’s quality. In that sense, it is also additional support for the authors. 


The editorial office of The Lambert expects the authors to present along with the text:

1. List of sources from which cited facts (numbers, statistics, dates) or quotes come,

2. Bibliography.

The verification process is always undertaken by the editorial office in consultation with the authors. 

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