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Have you done any mind-blowing research recently? Do you have engaging thoughts on current matters? Or do you simply write well and want to share your worldview with the rest of our community? Come and contribute to creating the next issue of The Lambert!


9th issue topic: Change



You cannot step into the same river twice. A very famous adage by Heraclitus interpreted in a metaphorical manner bringing us to the realisation that the variable nature of the river flow makes one thing in life certain. That anyone or anything is not only capable of change but simply changes all the time, which often comes to us as frightening but leaves us remaining hopeful.  


In the ninth issue of The Lambert, which opens our third year with you, we want to delve into the topic of CHANGE. Why does a change have to exist? How to deal with the constant flux? Why do some so strongly oppose it? Should we like them? Finances, politics, climate crisis, mentality (both Polish and global), dating, and, of course, the questions of the post-COVID-19 reality. Let’s embrace the CHANGE together!  


You can write on one of the suggested topics. BUT, if you want to come up with YOUR OWN TOPIC, you are more than welcome to do so! 


If you want to write on one of the suggested topics, message us FIRST. Don't be shy and ask as many questions as you want and need; we are more than happy to help you with the creative process.


LENGTH: 500-1500 words


GET TO KNOW MORE about the writing process in our Guidelines for Writers



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Standards of Credibility

As one of our major values is credibility, we pay particular attention to the verification of facts and statements presented in the published work.


The reliability requirements are not derived from questioning our contributors’ knowledge. Although we truly believe they have worked hard on their texts, our actions concerning substantive consultations and fact-check are undertaken because of our care of the Journal’s quality. In that sense, it is also additional support for the authors. 


The editorial office of The Lambert expects the authors to present along with the text:

1. List of sources from which cited facts (numbers, statistics, dates) or quotes come,

2. Bibliography.

The verification process is always undertaken by the editorial office in consultation with the authors. 

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