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A national walk of ‘national pride’

Raised in independent Poland, taught about being stripped of one’s freedom at history lessons and told about the communist regime by my grandparents, I would have never thought that I would find myself in such a situation. Yet here I am, on the streets, taking photos as evidence of current striking events that will soon, if not already form our future.

Those pictures are from Poland’s Independence Day. An event of many controversies. A day that is supposed to present and embrace national pride in the best understanding of the word and commemorate the memory of those who fought for us to live in a country of freedom. Whilst the Memorial Day is there to reflect and honour those who served in the Great War, for Poland, Independence Day for some years now has become a day of growing divisions. Where year after year, far-right groups spread hatred against the minorities and those who are not ‘real Poles,’ showing what, according to them, means to be a patriot. A national walk of ‘national pride.'

As we walk down the streets of Poland today, on Independence Day, there is hardly any embracement of togetherness. The blood in your lung boils and tears drown your eyes as you witness how divided the nation has become when those who battled, fought with hope for unity - something that today, has almost become unknown.

Photos were taken at the 2019 Independence Day March.

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