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The Lambert acts as a project for the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK. 


The Federation Quarterly Journal – The Lambert - features the voices of the community of Polish students in the UK. It is a publication that combines important social, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and political issues whilst being a forum for discussion, offering an exchange of views.


The Lambert is based on substantive, profound and reliable content presented with a modern and conspicuous approach. We want our Journal to engage readers and invite them to join conversations which touch upon issues relevant to us all. We also present up-to-date information about the Federation and its actions.

Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK

Federation LOGO

The Federation, made by students for students, serves as an integrating body providing support and knowledge, helping consecutive generations continue the work of PolSocs. It is the primary body responsible for defending the interests of Polish Students in the United Kingdom as there are currently thousands of Polish students in the UK, with hundreds more coming every single year. Through the establishment of Polish Societies at universities across the country, they create small local communities organising celebrations, social meetings and networking opportunities. Their aim is to bring polish students together. 

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